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I’m passionate about life and all things food, faith and purpose. I help you maximize your potential to become all you were created to be, to walk in confidence as you fulfill your God-given purpose. While that wasn’t always the case for me, I’ve learned strategies that have helped me walk out my calling, fulfill my purpose and D.A.R.E. to live the life destined just for me. I’m here to help you do just that! The only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves. I’d love to connect with you.

40 Days of Sharpening Your Sword

Start each day sharpening your sword, building strength and hope to live your best life!

40 Days of Sharpening Your Sword

Start each day sharpening your sword, building strength and hope to live your best life!

"Determination is our ability to choose purpose and eliminate doubt & distractions" ~ Walda Collins

Build My Faith

Define My Purpose

Healthy Life

Pick an area above that you’ve been battling with…and let’s get you WARRIOR ready! Not sure where to start? FAITH is a great place.

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A modern day woman of faith and true warrior for the kingdom of God, Walda shares a revelatory message of inspiration, life and purpose. Walda hopes to share her message around the world helping women to stand strong, face adversity and live life on purpose while building a solid relationship with God.

Finding herself gifted in many areas, Walda often extends her passion to see others healed. “Had you asked me in my twenties if I’d ever find myself ministering to other women, my flat-out answer would be, NO!”

At 21 years old, with a child out of wedlock, a divorcee at 25 and a second marriage on the verge of failing, she found herself battling with insecurity, fear of failure, toxic thoughts, depression and anxiety. In her deepest, darkest moments, she had two choices:

to live or die.

Harnessing the pain of her past she refused to allow the vicissitudes of life to limit herfuture. Her spiritual walk, strength and wisdom transformed her into the mother, wife,former Marine, and businesswoman she is today.

A Faith & Life Strategist she’s called, her passion is empower women to strategically align four key life areas: Faith, Family, Finances and Fitness & health. Utilizing her life experiences, spiritual cognizance and leadership, her passion is to see women D.A.R.E.
To Live!

In 2018, Walda founded Woman D.A.R.E. To Live, a ministry that focuses on helping women Define Align Restore and Expect to live out their God-given purpose.

Today Walda stands along side her husband of 24 years, Dr. Keith G. Collins. Together they share thought provoking moments to support one another in life and their careers.

Walda has been featured in numerous outlets to include Go Red for Women, National Day of Prayer, Super Bowl 51 and various News Channels. A Personal Chef to several NFL and NBA athletes, her service to others comes in a variety of forms.

Walda is Minister, Author, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Restaurant Owner. She possesses Bachelor’s degrees in Ministry Leadership and Culinary Arts, and is also certified in Integrative Nutrition, which supports her lifelong commitment to lead and guide women to live a healthy, happy and whole life, on purpose. Walda’s lends her business acumen and tenacity to be a veteran and serving over 23 years as a United States Marine.