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2024 Authorship Summit

Are you looking to boost your business skills and take things to the next level? Well, get ready because the 2024 Authorship Summit is coming up!

From March 25th to March 29th, we’re diving into a whole week of learning and discovery. We’ve got experts lined up to share their wisdom on writing and running a business. They’ve got some awesome tips and stories that can help you succeed.

And you can get access to all of it by clicking here.

No matter if you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for awhile, this summit has something for everyone. You’ll meet other folks who are passionate about writing and business, just like you. Plus, you’ll have the chance to chat with some big names in the business world!

Walda Collins - Authors Summit

Hey there Precious One,

Now more than ever, women are lifting their voices in boldness, declaring to live life on purpose and walk in their God-given calling. You were not created to exist…You were created to LIVE and live abounding in fullness and joy.

You may be feeling challenged and overwhelmed with family matters, caring for loved ones, job demands and the never-ending demands of life. If you find it difficult to keep your stride just know this… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I often meet Christian women, whether they are stay-at-home moms, businesswomen or even empty nesters, who find themselves struggling to build and balance an abundant life. The truth of the matter is, building a lifestyle that honors God and living out who you are called to be can be challenging and at times a little lonely.

The thought of knowing what you REALLY want in life has been disrupted as your business, family, and career has perhaps shifted. What is God calling you to do? What brings you true joy? It’s ok if you’re not sure what that really looks like or what God is doing concerning the next chapter of your life.

A desire to grow closer to God more intimately has drawn you to this very place. As you develop intimacy with Him, your relationship grows into something more purposeful and gratifying than ever before.

PSSST… God wants you to live a thriving and abundant life!!!

You were not created to exist…You were created to LIVE!

About Woman D.A.R.E. To Live

WDTL is a faith-based, purpose-driven community of women seeking to live a life of abundance through Christ in order to balance four key life areas: Faith, Family, Finances and Fitness & health through courses, training, guidance and resources.

Our Inspiration: To become a global Christ-centered “essential life” community who best understands and supports the spiritual growth and developmental needs of women seeking to live a fulfilled life.

Our Charge: To equip women with biblical principles, spiritual strategies and support to help them Define, Align, Restore and Expect to live life abundantly and fulfill their God-given purpose.

Woman D.A.R.E. To Live is more than just community… It’s an Awakening… A Movement… A Revival!

You’ve never seen community quite like this!

A community of covenant sisters who are:
• Contributing to and supporting one another’s life journey
• Teaching and transforming women to live and lead
• Learning and growing through Bible Studies, Book Clubs, and Study Groups
• Purposefully driven to align their lives with Christ
• Gathering monthly in rich fellowship with food, fun and growth activities

And this is how we D.A.R.E. To Live:

First Thursday of each month grab a girlfriend, sister-friend or daughter and join our Virtual Meeting

2nd/3rd Thursday check your email for an enriching word that continues to spur your spiritual walk

Last Thursday c’mon girl Let’s Get Together dance, laugh, worship and encourage one another to keep Living!

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A Christ-Centered Community for Purpose-Driven Women

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