"relentless is the heart of one who is persistent, unstoppable and tenacious. the heart of the relentless one has a never give up attitude to win".

New book by walda

A Warriors Sword

In her powerful declaration to build hope and ignite strength, Walda states “The battle has gone on long enough!” She gives you 10 strategies to discover how strong and powerful you really are as you wield, “A Warrior’s Sword.” A woman of great faith, Walda is adept at using her shield of faith to ward off the enemy when in a face-to-face combat situation. She expertly shares the spiritual and logistical lessons she learned during war to assist you in being more than a conqueror on the battlefield of life.

find strength + build hope

Available now

A Warrior's Sword

10 strategies to build hope
and stand strong in the midst of a battle

A WARRIOR'S SWORD may be purchased at the following:

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