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Walda L. Collins

Walda Collins is a 23-year veteran, author, Life Strategist and Chef, known as The Coaching Chef. A gifted teacher, this former Marine, Ms. Veteran America Finalist and Restaurateur went from Guns to Gourmet and turned her passion into enthusiastically helping others fulfill their purpose and live a healthier life through food and faith. She shares her passion to encourage, equip and empower women to strategically align their lives through faith, healthy family relationships, finances, and fitness & health. Featured on KSAT 12, FOX 29, and Super Bowl 51, to name a few, Walda’s service to others come in many forms. Personal Chef to NBA and NFL athletes, Walda used those opportunities to share her light and enthusiasm.

author, chef, speaker, marine corps veteran & faith/life strategist Walda Collins

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As the Founder of The Fervent Firm, she challenges her clients to D.A.R.E to Live Your Best Life Now, through events, courses and coaching. Walda has distinguished herself through mentoring, counseling and educating others, particularly women, for over 15 years. Having traveled around the world throughout her military career, she engages the hearts and minds of many people through her warm spirit and inspirational speaking, with a special ministry gift to motivate and inspire change.

Executive Chef and Owner of Strategic AlignMint Culinary Services and CoCo Bistro, she has empowered clients to combat illness through the healing power of food. Meal Preparation, Health Coaching and administering Healthy Lifestyle choices allows her clients to experience a three-fold alignment: mind, body and spirit.
She believes the key to living a healthy life is: “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”

Walda is the former host of A Sister’s Prayer (teach & talk) Radio on KSLR am630
and previously, the founder of A Sister’s Prayer Ministries.

Walda Co-Authored her first book “Behind Their Brand” in a chef’s collaboration to
share their journey of becoming chefs. In her new book, “A Warrior’s Sword,” newly released in January 2020, Walda teaches 10 PRAYER STRATEGIES to have a “never give up attitude and a warrior’s expectancy to win.”

Her philosophy is: “Relent-Less | Expect More”

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